Local Coffee Shop or Big Chain Coffee

Local Coffee Bar or Big Chain Coffee

You don’t have to drive far to realize that chains and box everywhere in the USA. Small businesses may be the backbone of America, but big chains are definitely the face of America with their bulk offerings, conveniences, and massive marketing budgets to reel us in. It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, what city you’re in, or even if you are in a town with only a few 1000 people, chances are there is at least one box store or fast food restaurant near you. Is this an American thing? Do people in other countries have the same box stores or do they support small businesses more?

The Romance of the Modern Day Coffee Shop

Romance of the Modern Day Coffee Shop

Ssss…..i….igh in total bliss, as I sit in my favorite seat at my favorite coffee shop, sipping my favorite coffee and taking a bite of my delicate salted caramel French macaron. Sounds perfect, right? A favorite past time of mine is watching all the coffee go’ers coming in for their perfect cup of coffee, I cannot help thinking …

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keto diet and coffee

Keto & Coffee

The KETO Diet & COFFEE Every month, millions of people globally go on a diet to lose weight, improve their health, and build up muscle. These people want to take control of their bodies and their diets, so they find a diet to build a foundation on and commit themselves to at least one month …

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