love affair with coffee

Our Love Affair with Coffee

The year 2020 has not been so pleasant to humanity, and all of us cannot wait until the next year comes so we can rid ourselves of this horrific year. Actually, time has never been a friend to the human race, so perhaps waiting for the next year is not such a good idea after all. Most people dislike waiting. But we will wait for something when we have to. We just will not be happy about it. Even with the invention of the smartphone and its wonderful time-consuming apps, it has not improved the average person’s tolerance for waiting.

But there is one reason that will make someone wait as long as they need to in order to get it. People will wait for their coffee. Coffee is one of the most significant drinks on the entire planet; it is popular worldwide. Coffee is so significant in our lives that if people do not drink at least one mug of coffee in the early morning, they feel like they never really started their day. Their drowsiness will stay with them. Starting the day with a delicious, piping hot cup of coffee is so ingrained in our lives that people would rather clock in late to their jobs than be a long time without their morning coffee. This is why many smart workplaces have coffee for their employees. The owners know that if their employees had to choose between being on time and getting their coffee, they would choose the coffee ten times out of 10.

The Magic in Coffee

But what is it about the coffee bean that makes the human race not just enjoy it, like any other beverage, but worship it. We center our day around it and can’t even engage in certain activities without drinking it, even if it has no connection to the activity at all. But what if it is over a hundred degrees outside? Surely we will stop drinking such a hot beverage? No, absolutely not, we will simply turn that drink into an ice-cold coffee or blend it up into a milkshake-like drink. Create entire restaurants and eateries around it? Human beings don’t just love coffee; they need it. All across the world, hundreds of millions of people wake up and immediately put on their own version of a coffee drink: American filter Brew, Italian espresso, a Thai iced coffee, Vietnamese egg coffee, etc.

Sure, we could buy coffee beans for our own home and make it there. It would be a lot cheaper, and we could control the taste exactly and add whatever we like in it. But sometimes, drinking coffee is not just about the beverage in our hands. It’s about pausing time and escaping the world and all of its demands. Imagine looking out onto the street and watching as the cars pass by on a cold winter night. Cradled within your hands is a hot cup of coffee, the aroma from the hot beverage stimulates your senses. Smooth jazz lightly plays from the speakers above, and the only other noise you can hear is the grind and world of the espresso maker and a coffee bean grinder. It’s timeless moments like these that help us ground ourselves and allows us to get away and get some perspective when life becomes too much, and there’s only one place we can experience this feeling. We crave the serene but slightly busy atmosphere of a beautiful coffee shop.

“C” is for Coffee and Community

Not only do coffee shops provide us with a haven for rest and recuperation, but they can also bring a community of strangers together. Even if the patrons of a coffee shop do not know each other, the staff certainly remembers them. I worked in a coffee shop for several years, and My fellow staff and I met many different customers by name and face. We often had their drinks ready for them when we saw them walking across the street towards us. We asked about their day, their families, and if their bosses were treating them any better. When our customers mentioned the date of their birthdays, we had special birthday drinks and treats ready for them, on the house. Some will argue that this is just good customer service, but we cared about these people. A few of our customers stated that they speak to us more than they speak to their own family.

The human connection is the most powerful energies on Earth, and it can be championed and encouraged within a coffee shop.

When a coffee shop opens in an area, it is different from other types of restaurants and eateries. It is like a small community formed to drink coffee. The tired student to the left, highlighting passages in the textbook? These people came here to get away from their house and find a few hours of peace and solitude while trying to further their education. The woman directly in front who is smiling at her swirling frozen coffee drink? She just got off a 12-hour shift at the hospital, and it is the treat that she’s been looking forward to all day.

What about the loud man in line, the one tapping his foot and showing other obvious signs of impatience? He’s overworked and underappreciated, so coffee not only helps him finish his job, it provides some support in his life. If the coffee shop was not there, these humans would not be under a single roof together. And though they may not know each other, the staff and baristas certainly do.

The community is one of the biggest reasons why we need to uphold small coffee shops.

The Yummy Scents of a Coffee Shop

And of course, we cannot forget about the delicious pastries and foods that come out of a coffee shop as well. There’s nothing better and starting your day, or maybe ending your day with a buttery croissant or a decadent chocolate chip cookie to go along with your favorite coffee. These foods are comforting, and many people look to desserts and pastries when they are stressed out, sad, or need some extra energy to get through the day. Coffee shop food is more expensive than fast food, but the flavors are real and they always have a genuinely delicious taste. A person can only live on fast food for so long before resenting it and no longer tasting they manufactured fake flavors. Those who come to coffee shops to eat and drink are burnt out from the same type of food over and over again. If a coffee shop can serve both great coffee and amazing pastries, it will build up a long list of dedicated customers. Nothing picks up a person’s spirit better than a hot cup of flavorful chicken soup or a small panini sandwich of tomato and cheese.

Now, all businesses are looking to make a profit. Still, there’s something soul-crushing about the way large fast-food companies try to rid their customers of their every nickel and dime while providing them with the cheapest and least nutritional food possible.

You won’t see this happen in a coffee shop. Small coffee shops are not controlled by faceless entities. The next time you are at a coffee shop, ask to see the owner. At least five times out of 10, the owner will come out and greet you personally. They’re not behind a phone or ten levels of bureaucracy.

Coffee shops are controlled by genuine people who seek to build a business and a reputation for themselves. Yes, coffee shops want to make a profit as well, but they will not try to steal as much profit as possible by screwing over their customers.

What will happen to a community without the local coffee shop? Nothing positive. Although coffee shops require that you spend money to sit there, where else can you sit for hours and hours for only a single cup of Joe? Restaurants want to kick you out as soon as possible. Libraries have limited hours because the government doesn’t see them as beneficial, and the park is nice if the weather is warm and breezy, but you can’t charge your phone or use your laptop to work, or connect to the internet.

So, next time that you see a small coffee chain doing its best to survive, do what you can and spend your money there on some bakery items instead of food at a fast-food chain for a restaurant franchise. Walking around and look at the different sights and sounds. Greet the workers with a smile and get to know them as they get to know you. Be present in the moment with your coffee and your food, and you can travel back there in your mind’s eye whenever you need a break, and you are at the office or

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