The Romance of the Modern Day Coffee Shop

Romance of the Modern Day Coffee Shop

Ssss…..i….igh in total bliss, as I sit in my favorite seat at my favorite coffee shop, sipping my favorite coffee and taking a bite of my delicate salted caramel French macaron. Sounds perfect, right?

A favorite past time of mine is watching all the coffee go’ers coming in for their perfect cup of coffee, I cannot help thinking to myself, maybe this is what heaven will be made of. Coffee makes me happy and I see that coffee makes others happy too.

At a certain point in each person’s life, they think back to themselves envying the movies where two lovers meet at a cute coffee shop in their local hometown, for me that is Haslet, Texas – like Froth Coffee Bar; their love begins as they share a croissant or cheese Danish, creating those first memories.

The popularity of the modern-day coffee shop offers different things to different people. From my perspective, watching as people flood in and out, one thing is certain, a well-made cup of coffee can help start the day on the best note possible. For me, coffee is not just a beverage; it has always been something more than that – a warm hug in the form of a warm liquid and a way that so many positive memories have been created.

I have had some of the best ideas while sipping my morning coffee, or biting into my French macaron or blueberry muffin – for most people, I believe coffee is a routine, a ritual that they happily and eagerly follow. Every time you walk into a coffee bar, you see people falling in love, making schedules, brainstorming a new business idea, reading a book, catching up on work or even just enjoying the company of their friends. For me, this is what coffee and the community coffee shop offers people. Coffee slows everything around you just long enough to catch up with what is happening right in front of you…before taking that last sip and moving towards your daily reality.

While I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop, I see regulars, those that come by the shop every morning is a hurried state to get their beloved flat white, or breve, before their hectic morning rush starts. For these folks, starting the day without their morning fuel would seem like a cruel joke or punishment. People crave rituals and people crave the magic bean aka coffee. Coffee bars allow us to check two boxes at one time.

Coffee Addiction – a sweet ritual
When we talk about the various reasons, a person might be visiting a coffee shop, the answers range from caffeine dependency to friends – after all. Many people come to their nearest coffee shops almost every day, to get their favorite mocha latte or a, siphon cold brew, which has become a beautiful part of their routine. For me, a morning where I do not get my coffee, it feels like a bad day is possible. Rituals help people stay focused.

Work, but coffee first
Another popular reason for frequenting your local coffee shop is the energy flooded into the shop when familiar faces share the same passion and serenity you get working in a cute coffee bar, fresh baked goods surrounding you, working there becomes ten times better than working in a library, the energy and excitement of people getting their first cup of coffee to get their day started is energizing. Many people come to coffee shops to work because it feels easy when you are surrounded with people and coffee.

Coffee and some friends
As someone who loved the 90s movie wave, with cute coffee dates, coffee hangouts – I love the concept of friends and coffee. The show “Friends” which started the trend of people hanging out in groups at a coffee shop, inspired many to do the same. While they may have done it out of sheer convenience, many people now find cute local coffee shops to go to for the coffee and the company, such as Froth Coffee Bar. It never hurts to have a place to go to when everyone is fighting over where to go.

Reading – with coffee
There has to be a word for the way you feel, reading a book in a cute little coffee bar. Walking to your local coffee shop with your favorite book in hand, thinking about the author and what compelled him to write what he wrote. Many people go to coffee shops to read, the atmosphere is what most of us crave, the feeling of pure joy of reading the author make you feel things with his words while you sip on your coffee.
While it may feel like a long lost concept but reading with a book always means so much more, people often sit with their books in their hands in their local coffee bars and look at peace with where they are.

It is the vibe
Vibe – the most used word in 2019-2020, every young adult knows what a vibe is and no one can describe it. Coffee shops have a particular energy that people vibe with, now this might be difficult for someone to understand but I promise you, it is there. Cute, light, airy and sweetly decorated are some of the features that draw people towards coffee shops. Imagine going to a nightclub for the vibe, a coffee shops makes things feel lighter and much more serene.

A coffee shop is one of the most famous places to connect with people; creating connections with people with coffee in your hands might be a lost art, to be able to converse in a cute setting with good food in a blessing in itself. Many people crave for that connection and in turn is why they visit their local coffee shops so frequently, as if to fulfil the longing of human connection. We all know, a great coffee date goes in the good books for all of us, which is why the connections you build in a coffee shop last you a lifetime, there’s peace, you can hear the person and of course, you share your love of coffee!

During meetings, whether it is an office meeting or something else, there is always a certain pressure if you are in a certain type of setting. Having meetings in coffee shops has become increasingly popular, not because people need coffee to stay awake during the meeting but instead to take the pressure off both parties involved. Personally, coffee shops are an all-rounder for things like meetings, study-groups or even team-meetups.
The most obvious reason for coffee-runs, frequent visits and making a coffee bar your second home, is the coffee. The magic bean that binds people together, the difference between a good and a bad day – coffee.
Many people think of coffee as a luxury item, something to treat themselves with after a long day, and some treat it as an energizer to start their day with. Either way, coffee is an art form that has been bringing people together for ages. While the ambiance, the Froth bakery items, and the great lighting make a coffee place cute, the most important factor in revisiting your local coffee place has to be the coffee. After all, no one would make it a regular place to visit if the coffee was bad!

While coffee shops have existed since way before social media took over, there has been a surge in coffee shop sales because of their cute interior and “Instagrammable” moments. Now, even though many people do go to a coffee shop to relax and cleanse their mind, there is nothing wrong with ordering a drink that is almost too pretty to drink, like ordering a House Special with a #frohtable or #frothables.

Therefore, for people who do go out to take aesthetic pictures while enjoying their coffee – it is perfectly fine. It is also important to feel good about yourself regardless of where you are, which is why it is important to have reminders of good things in your life, the pictures always help!

The hopeless romantic in me always envies the people who meet their long-lost lover in a cute little setting such as a coffee shop. While, it might be long shot but imagine finding someone who loves coffee and French macarons as much as you do, in a cute local coffee shop.

This has been an increasingly great way to people, many people have their first dates in their local coffee shops, in the age of social media, it is always refreshing to sit across from someone hearing them talk and order their favorite coffee. This is a dream for most people (read: most romantic, 90s film-loving people).

Local coffee shops have become much of a safe haven for many people regardless of age; people with books or free time always find a way back to their local coffee shops. Research also suggests that the ambiance of a coffee shop increases creativity and productivity that might explain the number of students going to a coffee shop to study.
Many people feel at home at a coffee shop, not because of the close proximity to their place but also because cute places often make you feel like you belong. The feelings of joy, serenity or even just peace is something most people crave and when you find it, it is hard to let it that go.

The modern day coffee shop has always inspired me, the longing to find your significant other in a place like Froth coffee bar, surrounded with bakery items – croissants, French macarons and coffee.

Everyone I know has seen the cute little couples from the romantic movies where two star-crossed lovers lock eyes in a coffee shop and then eventually, get married which is where this obsession comes from. After all, who does not like good coffee and good company?